As a Christian learning  facility we use the A Beka Book Curriculum. With a traditional approach to education, A Beka Book supplies us with outstanding curriculum, textbooks, and support materials for students 3 months –5yrs of age. In developing this curriculum, the whole child is considered – cognitively, socially, and physically. A Beka Book has created a truly balanced, innovative, and interest-driven curriculum for children from 3 months to five. Arts/crafts and music are enjoyed throughout the week as they are incorporated in the curriculum.

Vision to Victory has many activities planned daily to keep our children engaged with learning.  We offer computer time, a Pre K program for Kindergarten readiness.  We have a library for reading, lots of singing and bible stories, early education science, history, and math activities.  Our children also get to enjoy completing various arts and crafts projects such as finger painting and play dough.  Parents may visit our Parent  Board in the classroom to view the weekly agenda of our activities.

Infants: 3 Months - 1 Year Old

 An infant program is only as high-quality as the caregivers who work there. Here at Vision to Victory Christian Learning Center, we have produced a loving and home-like atmosphere. We follow a schedule created by you because you know best what your child needs. We will talk to, sing to, rock and cuddle your child just as you would at home. We work with your child on skills such as hand-eye coordination and large motor movement. Our teachers have plenty of love and time to devote to each child.

Younger Toddlers: 2 Years

When your child joins Vision to Victory’s Young Toddler program, you will be so amazed by what he/she learns. Our teachers have created a loving and nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to sing, dance, play instrumental music,  finger paintings, and create some awesome artwork. In this Christian program, our teachers assist the children in becoming confident young learners who are curious and excited about the world around them. The A Beka book curriculum is an excellent tool that we used to augment the learning techniques as well as incorporate the Bible practices.  

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Years Old

The Preschool Classroom is a very spectacular place to introduce and implement the curriculum objectives and early education. We endeavor to have a good mix of individual, small and large group instruction; but structured and unstructured. Our teachers have the training and knowledge connected with enthusiasm necessary to guide the children through the follow:



Older Toddlers: 3 Years Old

Walking into the Older Toddler’s classroom makes you feel like you’ve entered an academic wonderland. You will immediately see the learning centers, a display of biblical story creations, and much more. Our creative and enthusiastic teachers create a fun filled exciting experience for each child. All children are encouraged to explore their environment at their own pace. Circle Time gives every child a chance to participate in greeting friends, reciting numbers, identifying colors, shapes, letters, sounds, and lots of singing.

·        Thematic Units

·        Hands-On Activities

·        Art

·        Science

·        Mathematics

·        Reading & Writing readiness

·        Dramatic Play

·        Small and Large motor skills

Outside play is also an extremely important part of our everyday activities. We have daily walks and lots of fun!!

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