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CCIS is your information source for FINDing, SELECTing, and PAYing for child care. There are five CCIS offices in Philadelphia, and at least one CCIS in every county in Pennsylvania.

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  How does CCIS help me pay for child care?


If eligible, CCIS will pay all or part of your child care costs directly to a licensed and contracted child care provider while you work, attend school or training. You may be required to pay a portion of child care costs (copay) based on your household income.

  Do I have to be on welfare to qualify?


No. Child Care benefits help families stay off welfare.

What ages do my children have to be?



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2010 - present

2010 - present

Child care may be approved from birth up to the day before the child's 13th birthday.

What are the income limits for child care benefits?


 The income eligibility limits vary based on family size, the number of children in care and amount of income. Families may qualify if they earn approximately $2,425/month or less with one child in care, $2,925/month with two children in care, and $3,625 with three or more children in care. Please contact your local county CCIS Office to determine your specific eligibility. 

When one or both of the child's parents are absent from the home, you must agree to pursue child support through CCIS for all children that must be included in the same household. Your worker will help you fill out required forms.

Do I have to pursue child support?


You can choose a family child care home provider or a child care center that has a license and contract through DPW. Vision To Victory is licensed and is contracted through DPW.

Does Vision To Victory Children wear uniforms?

Yes, uniform is required, our uniform colors are Yellow polo tops/shirts, and Khaki skirt and pant for the bottom. Closed in shoes must be worn throughout the school year. All children must be in complete uniform within 30 days of the enrollment date. The uniforms can be purchased at Rainbow Shops located at 3142 Kensington Avenue Philadelphia (215) 423-9126 or 3354 Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia (215) 423-7399.

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